CVT products

Varied applications, supreme reliability:
That’s the world of CVT-Capellmann products

Our products have a highly reliability and are used in the automotive section, power tools and home appliance. The application of our parts, reaches from electrical and manual seat adjustment, over engines, gearboxes and pumps to actuators and the entire engine management.

The industrial specialization of CVT pays off: Experienced Staff, outstanding benefits and modern equipment make a highly variety of products possible. Besides our geared parts and worms, we also produce subassemblies up to high volume orders. Since 2000 we also produce many kinds of turned parts. The long turned parts are complete produced in our plant PTS-precision GmbH in Schwerin.

Geared Parts

up to module 5.0
max. ø 120 mm
max. length 250 mm


up to module 3.0
max. ø 60 mm
max. length 250 mm
Production process: milling, chasing, forming, PST®


The production of complete, ready-to-install
subassemblies has been a core competence at
CVT for many years now.

Turning Parts

CNC long turned parts
max. ø 32 mm
max. length 350 mm with opposed spindle
max. 400 mm without opposed spindle

chucked turned parts

max. Ø 175 mm
max. Ø 65 mm off the rack
max. length 650 mm

Injection Moulding

shot weight up to 220 g (Basis PS)
Guard up to 150 t
Insert technology

We are worldwide the only vendor who can offer his partners more than all production processes from milling, to chasing and forming right up to PST®. PST means Power Skiving Thread, it’s a by CVT developed production process, for the manufacturing of worms in high-end-quality.