PTS donates to Baby & Toddler Ward in Tanzania

SchwerinAs in previous years, we wanted to make a donation at the end of the year instead of sending gifts. Every year it is a matter of heart to donate to groups and organizations that urgently need our help. This year we have chosen the project Cradle of Love, a baby and infant ward in Tanzania.

The donation of 2.500 € went to the association Giving Smiles - from there the money goes directly and 100% to the institution "Cradle of Love" in East Africa. Since 2004, the station has been taking care of abandoned infants, children in need (undersupplied or poorly supplied) or infants where the mother died during or after birth.

Our support helps to pay the Nanny's salaries on time this month (which was unfortunately not possible last month due to a lack of donations), food will be bought for the babies and visits to the doctor will be made. In addition, a second CoL baby home is currently being built in a very poor region. The first payments will be made for this as well.

You can find out more about the organisation under:



Cheque handed over by Hans Capellmann (CEO) to Volunteer Carmen Hermle