Purchasing at CVT

Purchasing at CVT – together we will move forward!

CVT is a long-term partner of the automotive industry. In our in-house manufacture we focus on our core competence, the production of geared parts. Further we also provide you the production of complete assemblies.

Beside our machines we also need consistently different kinds of vendor parts for our own production – and therefore we award regularly subcontracts for individual processing to third parties.

Here you’ll find all important information about our sourcing process as well as our quality requirements and delivery conditions.

material groups


  • case-hardened steels
  • machining steels
  • heat treatable steels
  • others..


  • multiple spindle turning parts 4-42 mm
  • CNC longitudinal turned parts 6-32 mm
  • chucked turned parts 25-120 mm


  • grinding
  • curing / hardening
  • electroplating / galvanizing

Your Profil as CVT partner

Our suppliers are expected to meet the following requirements:

Would you like to present yourself to us as a potential supplier? The quality of CVT products depends on high expectations of the quality of your deliveries and services.

Steadily growing product demands in international competition, official regulations and, above all, increasingly frequent demands for a certified quality management system all require an integrated chain of quality assurance measures.

Since our QM system is based on ISO TS 16949, we are required to undertake an assessment of our suppliers in accordance with the whole series of standards mentioned. Our main priority is the required quality of your products – that have been produced with process reliability, documented and subjected to checks by you from the very beginning.

Your contacts


Roland Hermle, COO
Phone: +49 7426 5193-10

Head of Purchasing

Marc Villinger
Phone: +49 7426 5193-23


Sina Groß
Phone: +49 7426 5193-36

Supplier Portal

Necessary for your profile as a CVT partner:

In the first step please fill out the CVT-Supplier Questionnaire. If you aren’t certified according to ISO TS 16949 or ISO 9001 please truthfully fill out the potential analysis in addition, sign it and if possible send it back to us by mail. This is the only way we can ensure that our customers receive the quality they expect.

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