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Once again, CVT is looking back on a successful year. In view of the ongoing difficult situation, the traditional CVT Christmas party could unfortunately also not take place this year. So the honoring of our long-time employees, as well as the handover of the gift baskets, took place in a small circle, in compliance with the regulations.

In his speech, Hans Capellmann thanked the three employees for their 25 years of employment with the company and emphasized that he is looking forward to the coming years of cooperation. The management knows the value of their employees and knows that behind every successful company there are always reliable and loyal employees. "Especially in difficult times like these, we realize how important a good Team is!" said Hans Capellmann.

The two managing directors Hans (CEO) and Paul (CTO) Capellmann expressed their thanks for the good cooperation, the constant commitment and the work done in the past years. Mrs. Mara Knezevic, Mr. Richard Braun and Mr. Zoltan Vig each were honored for 25 years of loyalty to the company.


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