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A number of employees was honored for their long period of employment, their constantly commitment and their afforded work in 2017. This year we’ve decided to arrange a Fall-Party for the Employees. The Festivity located on our premises was last Friday 15th September.

During the sunny weather the both manager Hans (CEO) and Paul Capellmann (CTO) honored seven employees. “Currently it is unbelievable exciting, a lot has changed this year and much more will change in the future” so Hans Capellmann. At the moment we have about 150 employees in our company and this success would not even be imaginably without them!

No matter if for kids or their parents, also for everybodyelse was taken good care of. For the first time the staff was called to bring their familys and partner to the event. Beside a great catering, we had tours thru the manufacturing on which they had the chance to personalize a pen with names and show their familys where they work. Also their was an Segway Parcour and a radar-goalmeter. That nothing is missed we’ve offered cotton candy, a councer castle and a ballon- and face painting artist for the kids. Altogether we had a good time and a great celebration!


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