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CVT is already known for its enormous vertical range of manufacture. The company is also the only manufacturer in the world that covers more than all production processes with chasing, thread milling, forming and PST®. Power Skiving Thread - a production process developed by CVT for the production of snails in high-end quality.

The fact that the coating of a tool for worm gears affects the sound in a vehicle is initially surprising. But the explanation is simple: the more perfect the surface of the component, the better its noise behavior.

In today's cars, every noise is an expression of high or poor quality: Doors should close with a full sound, but nothing in the interior should rattle, hum or grind. Sound designers even focus on the noise behavior of worm gears, the mechanical adjusting aids of electric window regulators, tailgates or seats. If the measured values - for example when operating the automatic headrest adjustment - are too high, a solution must be found.

Technical Managing Director Paul Capellmann can tell you a lot about what this means for the suppliers: “The requirements with regard to noise reduction have been increasing for several years. In cooperation with tool and machine manufacturers, we have therefore developed a new type of production concept that is ready for series production. This enables us to manufacture parts for worm gears with the highest surface quality - for the best acoustic values, ”says the managing director and co-owner of CVT. His innovation bears a name that fits perfectly with the objective: PST®.

The abbreviation stands for “Power Skiving Thread”, a machine process that is the first to use power skiving to manufacture worm shafts. With the new, patent-pending PST® processing, the specialist has created a unique selling point.

“In the PST® process, we can manufacture one to five-start worm shafts continuously in one pass. There are almost no pitch errors and no faceting, as can occur with discontinuous thread milling, for example. We also achieve higher quality than chasing and very fast running times. Our products remain significantly more attractive in terms of price than traditionally manufactured ones, which are expensive to rework, ”says Paul Capellmann, explaining the main advantages.

The high-precision skiving wheel was given a high-performance coating in order to be able to achieve the required surface quality of the parts at high speeds on the spindle. The choice fell on BALINIT® ALTENSA for a good reason. When machining case-hardened and heat-treated steels, the coating ensures 20 percent higher cutting speeds compared to the previous product.

"High heat resistance and cutting edge stability, good coefficient of friction - the optimal layer," says Paul Capellmann, who can also look forward to the positive results of the customer sampling: "Up to now, all parts made of non-ferrous metal or brass have been technically sound. One client already wants to have his screws manufactured only with PST®. ”- A success with a quiet footing.


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