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The CVT-Capellmann GmbH & Co. KG integrated with effect to September 1st 2016, his up to this point customer for injection moulding parts and extends the offer for transmission components about the manufacturing technology injection moulding. That’s the first purchase of another company in the CVT History. We will integrate the machinery and equipment, all the employees and the comprehensive know-how, without a location shifting.

Since years the HPC GmbH is a supplier to our company, especially for overmoulded depositor made from metal, they are also producing individual components, like gear wheels and worms, gearboxes, plugs, visual components and other components made from industrial plastics.

The HPC GmbH has with about 30 machinery and equipment and also 25 employees, an enormous know how in this manufacturing technology. This know-how will be fully on hand of CVT starting September 1st 2016.

In the next few weeks, we will integrate the IT-systems, implement synergies, welcome our new employees, optimize operating cycles of existing plastic parts and expand the ISO certification towards TS 16949.

This decision offers our costumers significant potentials for the further corporation with the CVT-Capellmann GmbH & Co. KG:

  • Individual components made from plastics, is a new ingredient of the CVT-offerings. We score this in total requirement of a transmission unit and/or our customers.

  • The known flexibleness by investment decisions of our house is also valid for our injection moulding parts. Thereby CVT further has the ability to customize complex products and systems.

  • Decisions in technical and commercial assessment of assemblies and hybrid components will be reduced clearly.

  • We will operate more variable as up to now with the decision to expand to a medium-range of the tool- and fixture construction for our customers of our injection moulding parts.

The Team of CVT-Capellmann GmbH & Co. KG., is looking forward to manage the upcoming tasks and challenges with their new workmates from HPC GmbH.


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