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Our summer event took place last Friday, July 29, on the company site. In addition to the employees, their families were also invited. The well-being was provided with a food truck and plenty of cool drinks. We have been lucky with the weather. Although the sky was overcast, we were able to enjoy very warm temperatures while enjoying the ice cream. Our little ones enjoyed the bouncy castle and children's face painting. For the grown-ups there was a segway parcour and a goal speed measuring system.

As part of this year's company celebration, the two managing directors Hans Capellmann (CEO) and Paul Capellmann (CTO) honored their long-standing employees. They honored the loyalty, the constant commitment and the work done in the last years with a certificate and a present. Paul Capellmann emphasized that he is looking forward to the coming years of cooperation. Especially in hard times it shows how important a good team is. The management knows the value of their staff and is glad to have such a great team with meanwhile about 250 employees at three locations of the CVT-Group.

Honored for impressive 25 years were Nikolaj Demaschkin, Rüstem Elkün, Irina Hörner, Wipharatana Kraft and Wolfgang Kraft. Iris Barbagallo, Antje Höer and Frank Wochner received a certificate for 10 years of loyal service to CVT.

At this point, a big thank you to all employees for their reliability, continued loyalty and hopefully many more years of working together!


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