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Last Friday our CVT Christmas party took place under the motto "Christmas Market". In the hardly recognizable and elaborately decorated production hall, our success in 2018 was celebrated together with mulled wine and pastries in the pre-Christmas atmosphere. In addition, this setting was taken as an opportunity to pay tribute to four of our long-standing employees and to thank them for their loyalty.

The two managing directors Hans Capellmann (CEO) and Paul Capellmann (CTO) honoured the commitment and work of all employees in the past year in their speech. "The success is not due to us alone, due to all of you, our employees," said Hans Capellmann (CEO).

We can look back on another successful year. In 2018 our company has continuously developed further - the construction and commissioning of the new production plant in Kunshan, China, was incisive. In the current fiscal year, more than 80 million transmission components were delivered worldwide, which represents an increase of more than 15% compared to the previous year. We currently employ around 200 people at our locations in Gosheim, Schwerin and Kunshan. This success wouldn't have been possible without the above-average commitment of all employees. Hans Capellmann: "Only the people who work for a company and the attitude they adopt are valuable in a company".

This year's awards went to Jasmin Brischetta for 10 years, Elena Karanova for 10 years, Andreas Hermle for 10 years, and Franz Nenovici for 25 years with the company. At this point again, a big thank you for your continued loyalty, your work and hopefully many more years of cooperation.


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