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We have expanded our injection molding production at CVT, with two new injection molding machines. In addition to the Arburg ALLROUNDER 470 S 1000 - 170, an Arburg ALLROUNDER 520 E 1500 - 400 also arrived at our Gosheim facility.

In terms of sustainability, we placed particular emphasis on energy efficiency here. The Allrounder 520 E is fully electric, and with a Lichter tie bar distance of 520mm, as well as a clamping force of 1500KN, it is the largest injection molding machine at CVT. This will enable us to offer our customers an even greater variety of products in the future. The Arburg Allrounder 470 S joins a number of other identical machines to further expand our capacities. This machine features the latest generation of Selogica controls, and is particularly energy-efficient due to the AES energy-saving system. Both machines will be equipped with automation to handle increasing customer demands. In the future, we will continue to attach importance to energy efficiency in new acquisitions in order to manufacture our products in the most resource-saving way possible.


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