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The precision measuring room at CVT has been expanded to include another P26 from Klingelnberg. In addition to the spur gear, hob, worm and shaft program software packages already in use, the new P26 also has the option of using a waviness analysis to perform gear and worm optimizations.

The Wave Production (ripple analysis) software installed on the measuring tools, in conjunction with the measuring and evaluation software of the precision measuring centers, performs an automatic ripple evaluation and evaluates the results against tolerance curves. With Wave Production, it is possible to perform the waviness evaluation without delay even with a standard measurement of a few tooths of the gear. This in-process measurement allows a quick reaction in case noise-causing structures occur on the surface of the gearing.

In order to meet the increased customer requirements with regard to noise development, CVT now has the appropriate gear measuring center at the plant in Gosheim.


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