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Also this year CVT-Capellmann GmbH & Co. KG and PTS-precision GmbH, in accordance with our compliance guidelines, we've decided not to send Christmas presents and dedicated ourselves to a matter close to our hearts instead. The choice is never easy in view of the many places where help and support are needed. "Year after year, it is of great importance to us to support people who urgently need our help with our donation" says Hans Capellmann (CEO). So the decision fell on the baby & toddler ward in Tanzania, which we had previously supported last year.

The donation of 5.000 € went to the association Giving Smiles - from there the money goes directly and 100% to the institution "Cradle of Love" in East Africa. Since 2004, the station has been taking care of abandoned infants, children in need (under or poor care) or babies whose mothers have died during or after birth. The station is currently in urgent need of a new working car to transport food to the children's home.

The car of the Cradle of Love Baby Home is absolutely essential in the daily life of the children's home. Be it for transporting food, for trips to the hospital or even in case of an emergency, for general medical care and getting medicine from the pharmacy. Of course you also need the car if a baby in need is to be taken in at the Cradle and has to be picked up from the Youth Welfare Office or even from the hospital for this purpose, or if a child returns home after its time at the home. The old Land Rover has served faithfully since its inception. Unfortunately, those 29 years off-road have left quite a few marks on the car and the vehicle has long since ceased to provide the reliable service it once did. "We have reached our donation goal through this generous donation and are already looking at matching cars." Says Carmen H. of Giving Smiles.

To learn more about the organization, visit:


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